Five Tips To Simplify Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is something that people will love or hate, depending on their preference for organising fairly large-scale events. A wedding is like a big party but it’s a big party that involves a lot of criteria. From the wedding venue to the catering, venue dressers, photography and cake, there’s an endless list of things to tick off.

With this in mind, to help those who may find it painful to plan their week, let alone a wedding, here are five tips to simplify wedding planning. Hopefully, these tips will help avoid a person pulling their hair out in frustration.

Book a wedding planner

First and foremost, if it’s affordable, consider a wedding planner. A wedding planner is often someone who is going to make life a lot easier when it comes to getting a wedding on its feet and looking the way a bride or groom-to-be expects it to look.


Think about what is available in the local area and who might be more appropriate for the size of the wedding planned. For some, it might be best to get a wedding planner who knows the area and local suppliers to that area, well.

Make it a destination wedding

For those that want to try and reduce the amount of stress that comes with planning a wedding, it may be worth investing in a destination wedding. It may be slightly more expensive depending on where the destination is.

However, when it comes to destination weddings, not everyone is going to be able to afford it or have the time to make it to a wedding that will last more than a day.

That can be helpful for those looking to cull people politely from attending a wedding and hopefully make it easier to navigate planning.

Less is more so make it minimal

When it comes to simplifying a wedding, remember that less is more. With that mantra in place, it can often make a wedding easier to plan when it’s minimal. From minimising the guest list to cutting a few features in a typical wedding day that just results in more stress than it’s worth.

As long as it’s something the bride and groom are happy with, create a minimal-style wedding.


Spread everything out over time

Wedding planning is something that cannot really be done in one day. It often takes many months to plan a wedding successfully. Whether the wedding is a year away or two years away, think about spreading everything out over time.

Spreading it out is going to make it so much easier to manage. This is particularly the case in situations where the bride and groom have busy work schedules.

Choose vendors who are multi-faceted

When it comes to choosing vendors, it pays to look for ones that are going to be multi-faceted. For example, having a wedding venue dresser that can also provide the floral arrangements, can make a big difference in how easy the wedding is to plan.


Simplifying a wedding plan is easy to do with the right tips. Use the above advice to make wedding planning easier. For more destination wedding ideas and tips check out how to have the perfect wedding engagement party. And for more ideas here are some great options for setting up a pre-wedding photography shoot!

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