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When it comes to destination weddings, the team at My Wedding Away possesses all the expertise you need. Drawing from extensive experience in orchestrating exquisite unions, you will have peace of mind when entrusting your special day to us. Our friendly team has comprehensive resort knowledge and a deep understanding of the destination wedding planning process. We will guide you through all the options and ensure the planning process is seamless.

Carefully selecting some of the most enchanting properties in Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Indian Ocean, we've cultivated lasting partnerships to curate unforgettable and distinctive weddings over the years. Your wedding journey awaits, and we're eager to be a part of it.

If the idea of a destination wedding intrigues you, we're here to guide and assist every of the way!

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Married At Sea

When delving into the realm of destination weddings, a suggestion close to our hearts is the concept of Cruise Destination Weddings. These offer a truly distinctive and unforgettable experience, adding a touch of uniqueness to one of the most cherished days of your life.

Imagine this scenario: Envision us guiding you towards the perfect destination where you can embark on a sailing journey, initiating your wedding festivities surrounded by your nearest and dearest. Perhaps you’re unsure of the optimal location for this endeavour; that’s precisely where our expertise shines. Our adept professionals are poised to assist you in crafting an extraordinary odyssey, brimming with both romance and excitement, for you and your esteemed guests.

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