2018 Destination Wedding Colours

As we are fast approaching half-way through the year, you might be curious as to what 2018 Destination Wedding Colours are popular! We have some fantastic options for you take a look at for your upcoming wedding. If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments below! We love to hear from you!

Lavender & Lilac

Yes, I know what you are thinking, those are just purple. However, if you have two different purples that pair really beautifully, you get a unique combination. Also, these colours will make excellent bridesmaid dress colours and a gorgeous flower bouquet for a destination wedding.


Dark Blue & Mauve

When you think of a destination wedding, you generally think of bright colours. If you are looking to go with some darker ones, I think navy blue is such a wonderful choice. You can mix in mauve, which will really come together nicely.

Champagne & Wine

You might laugh at the alcoholic names, but the combination is sensational. Your bridesmaids can wear a lovely neutral colour and accessories, so the rest of the décor stands out.


Off White & Green

I really love this combination when it comes to 2018 Destination Wedding colours. It’s simple, easy to match with resort décor, and elegant. You will have the easiest time putting everything together.


A colour scheme that will always be timeless when it comes to destination weddings is matching your decor with the ocean. When you look back at your wedding pictures, you will remember how amazing the décor looked at your destination wedding.


5. Talk to Us

The whole reason you hired a destination wedding planner is to provide excellent service and give you insight on deals. We have relationships with resort chains all over the world. When it comes to finding specials and places where you can save money, we can help. You want to use a company that works hard to find you discounts, especially if you have a big wedding group. Saving money on your wedding can be possible, you have to know the right people that can help you do it.