2019 Wedding Dress Options

We are excited to finally have a wedding dress feature! We have some 2019 Wedding Dress Options to share with you! Let us know in the comments what you think or send us your own dress for a feature!

Sexy Lacey

This option may not be for everyone but how sexy is it? It’s a bit cheeky but very beautiful and would be great for a destination wedding!



I know this seems like a simple wedding dress but it actually has incredible detail. I love the subtle lace throughout the dress.


Get ready to see quite a few dresses with capes in 2019! It’s becoming more and more popular and we can see why! You will really feel like you are in a fairytale.



You will feel like a goddess in a dress like this! I think it’s such a unique and glamorous option for a wedding dress.


When it comes to a wedding dress, it really depends on the look you are wanting. With this look, you will truly feel sexy with a splash of elegance.


5. Talk to Us

The whole reason you hired a destination wedding planner is to provide excellent service and give you insight on deals. We have relationships with resort chains all over the world. When it comes to finding specials and places where you can save money, we can help. You want to use a company that works hard to find you discounts, especially if you have a big wedding group. Saving money on your wedding can be possible, you have to know the right people that can help you do it.