4 Costa Rica Amazing Wedding Villas

I love everything about having your destination wedding in Costa Rica.  Flora and fauna, stunning ocean scapes and warm, friendly people make it incredibly unique and special. I’m showing off four amazing wedding villas all brought to you by Escapes Villas Costa Rica. Here are my top four Escapes Villas picks for you to enjoy your wedding vows. They check the boxes for everything, so worth a  group wedding trip to Costa Rica.

1. Casa La Brisas Villa – Located in Manuel Antonio

What I love best about Casa La Brisas property are all the elegant touches that make it so unique. Teak hardwood flooring, modern appliances, and a private chef are just the start to what you will experience here. Meal plans are also available and highly recommended.

You are just going to love the 10,500.00 square feet of picture-perfect surroundings, including a coloured glass skylight that creates lovely patterns on the solid wood flooring. A core house with six private suites awaits your guests, all on individual levels, to give you and your guests the perfect amount of privacy.


2. Casa Fantastica- Located in Manuel Antonio

Casa Fantastica has to be one of the most beautiful villas in Costa Rica. With ten bedrooms, three master suites and seven additional bedrooms, you’ll have all that you need to create cosy, memorable quarters for your guests. Lush, tropical, green and inviting you’ll treasure your wedding pictures for years to come.

Combine modern tropical luxury with exquisite finishings and conveniently locate it in a very private neighbourhood, and you have Casa Fantastica. It sets the stage for an exceptional green forest location, amidst all that is wondrous about Manuel Antonio.


3. Casa Tree House- Located in Manuel Antonio

I like to describe the Casa Tree House as a Balinese luxury villa located in the heart of quaint and charming Manuel Antonio. What could be better than a pre-wedding day of relaxing at the veranda situated right beside the swimming pool? All rooms enjoy stunning views of the pacific ocean and rainforest. You’re going to thoroughly enjoy the artisan hand-carved stone and custom details that make the accommodations relaxing, comfortable and oh so memorable.

You’ll be spoilt with all the services provided here, including concierge, hosting as well as daily maid and laundry services. Arrange for a group night out at their custom three-tiered theatres and take a dip in their refreshing pool. For weddings, they offer a private deck by a private pool, all surrounded by the best of what Costa Rica has to offer.

4. Casa Taj- Located in Playa Flamingo

I want to take you to one of my favourite destination wedding locations for my fourth amazing Costa Rica Villa Option. The luscious tropical oasis is known as Playa Flamingo. From the beginning to the end of your stay, you’ll be wowed with the artful and stunning architectural touches. Enjoy a morning cup of the best Costa Rican coffee surrounded by grand windows, stone, tile, precious wood, granite and wrought iron accents. All these touches creating a delightful vacation ambience for you and your guests.


There are 8,200.00 square feet of living space to enjoy here. A full kitchen, along with chef’s service, will delight your guests. Not to mention, concierge and maid services are there for you at your fingertips.

class=”alignnone wp-image-42607 size-full” src=”https://www.myweddingaway.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Taj-preparations.jpg” alt=”Casa Taj – Garden Wedding Setup – 4 Costa Rica Wedding Resorts” width=”900″ height=”600″ />

So there you go, four amazing options to take you and your guests to a tropical oasis like no other. It’s a bit of a jaunt flight wise if you are coming from North America, however more and more flights are opening up due to the popularity of Costa Rica. Wed here and then ask us how you can spend the honeymoon of a lifetime after your fabulous wedding.

If these venues haven’t already convinced you that Costa Rica is the perfect destination to wed abroad, check out my blog about 5 Reasons to Marry in Costa Rica.

Liz Moore
Destination Wedding Expert