6 Tips for Wedding Pictures

When it comes to your dream destination wedding, you want to make sure everything is perfect. Especially when you look back at the wedding pictures. Below, we have 6 Tips for Wedding Pictures! Let us know what you think and we hope you find these helpful.

#1 Before the Wedding:

You will love the pictures of you getting ready before you exchange your vows. You’re having fun, looking glamourous, and very excited!


#2 The First Moment:

When you see each other for the first time, some people like to wait until the ceremony but we recommend having your own moment beforehand.

#3 The Ceremony:

Make sure that you let your photographer know of any special moments or details you might be planning the ceremony. If you have an excellent photographer, they will capture every sentimental moment.


#4 Wedding Formals and Group Portraits:

Alright, these are when the pictures get fun! Something that people don’t realize how long each photo takes to capture. So, make sure you plan ahead all of the poses and places you want to take your group photos.


#5 Bride and Groom Session:

Now, you’ve already been taking so many pictures and you may be getting tired. We highly recommend that you bring a small towel to whip your face because of the heat, a bottle of water, a mirror, and a little emergency makeup kit.

#6 The Reception:

Finally, it’s important to have everything planned out with your photographer. Let me know where you are going to enter and they will be able to situate themselves in the perfect place.


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