8 Caribbean Hot Spots

One of our most popular destination wedding spots is the Caribbean. So, we thought it would be important to showcase 8 Caribbean Hot Spots. Let us know if we missed any places that you loved in the Caribbean!

1. Nassau, Bahamas

The Bahamas is a beautiful place that has it all. Whether you are on the beach, ruins, or the secluded resort, you will love every moment here. This small island is blessed with offshore coral reefs and sights that every guest will love.

2. Aruba Beach

Aruba Beach is one of the best beaches in the world, can you imagine the wedding pictures? Best of all, the resorts are luxurious, and you will enjoy a quiet and serene location for your wedding.


3. Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos have everything great amenities and of course, wonderful beaches to explore. The 5-star hotels, spas, restaurants, and vibrant coral reefs will have your wedding feeling like it’s out of story book.

4. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is great because it offers a broad range of landscapes for you and your guests to explore. The beach is pristine. However, you also have a tropical rainforest and architecture that will create a unique setting for a wedding.


5. Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia has an incredible landscape and will create a memorizing backdrop for your wedding pictures. You and your guests will love being surrounded by volcanos, waterfalls, and a beautiful beach. Not to mention that the resorts have excellent venues for your dream destination wedding.

6. Bermuda

The island of Bermuda is a blend of American and British culture rolled into a tropical paradise. The reefs, beaches, and culture will make your wedding so unique that you will feel like royalty from the moment you land and depart.


7. Barbados

The crystal blue waters and white sand of Barbados is a picturesque island with plenty of activities for the whole family. Barbados is such a small slice of paradise that it makes it easy to travel around it and explore everything it has to offer.

8. Jamaica

Last but not least, Jamaica is one of my favourite in this list of 8 Caribbean hot spots. The people, culture, and beauty of this destination will make your wedding that much more special. The people are so friendly and welcoming that you feel right at home when you arrive in Jamaica.