A Nearly Colourless Diamond- Is it Worth it!

We love everything about Destination Weddings! And that includes everything wedding diamond-related as well. Our brides can’t get enough information about diamonds. So we thought we would dive into the subject: a nearly colourless diamond- Is it worth it! Let’s see what the diamond experts feel about this sparkling topic!

Colourless Diamonds – Are the sparkles worth it!

Are you looking to buy a traditional diamond? That is to say, one that has a little colour as possible. Such as that rated as DD, E or F. Then you might be slightly disappointed to see the price of such stones. They are among the most expensive diamonds on the market. And are proudly advertised as being colourless. But why not lower your expectations just a little. And opt for a nearly colourless diamond instead? It will make a big difference to your budget. Additionally, there is very little noticeability at all? Let us have a look in more detail.


What Do Diamond Color Ratings Mean?

Diamonds are rated on a colour scale from D to Z.  With D being completely clear. And with no hint of any other colour at all. Check out a handy comparison on the Pricescope diamond colour chart.  Z-rated diamonds have a discernible coloured tinge, which is usually yellow or brown.  Because nitrogen, which causes yellow/ orange/ brown discolouration of diamonds when formed, is the most common diamond contaminant. While D is the ‘best, jewellers often lump D, E and F diamonds together. However, it is all but impossible to tell the difference between these stones. Moreover,  except in stringent laboratory conditions.

A Good Compromise- Colourless VS Clear

Diamonds rated anywhere from G to J are visually clear. And only betray their slight hint of colour under the above-mentioned lab conditions. However, there is a real difference in price between a D-rated diamond. And a J-rated diamond of similar size. Not to mention, the clarity can be literally thousands of dollars. And, you’ll want to consider that the J-rated diamonds can be set into a piece of jewellery. To sum up, a ring or a necklace. Most importantly, making the difference even harder to spot. In the same vein, the setting will often disguise the true quality of a stone.


Near Colorless- A Diamonds Real Worth

Near colourless diamonds can be found between K and approximately Q. These stones have a discernible hint of subtle colour. Firstly, that can be seen by the naked eye. Even when set into a piece of jewellery. While purists might spurn these, a thrifty purchaser could easily opt for one of these (much more budget-friendly!) stones. And thus, set them into a yellow or rose gold setting. Yellow metals can warm up even the purest diamond colours. Similarly, it will work well with a near-colourless diamond. Giving the diamond a distinct warmth. That you may be able to laugh off as being a reflection of the metal, should you even care about such things!


Is it Worth It? Colourless Diamond Envy

Any diamond purchase should ideally consider all of the four Cs of diamond rating.  Rather than simply the colour of the diamond. As cut and clarity often have more impact on the value and look of a stone. Then even the carat weight or colour.  If these two ratings are high, you would be fully justified in accepting a low colour rating as long as the colour was one that you actively like! If you loathe yellow, for example, choosing a yellow-tinted diamond is not your best option! So, as in all things, yes, it absolutely can be worth it to opt for a near-colourless diamond!

We hope you enjoyed our blog on A Nearly Colourless Diamond- Is it Worth it! We have to agree it really is. And we are here to assist with your destination wedding. To get you and that gorgeous ring of yours on the sparkling beaches and grand ocean sunsets. For more information about engagement rings, see our additional wedding ring blog! And don’t forget to check out Four Fabulous Engagement Ring tips on our affiliate travel agent site.  Contact us today to get more information on your beautiful destination wedding!