Destination Wedding Planning Abroad

Tiss the season to start planning your Destination Wedding Planning Abroad. We’ve had a busy fall planning weddings in all four corners of the world. My most demanding bride this fall has been none other than my very own daughter. All kidding aside as she’s a pretty easy-going bride to work with.  However, her travel arrangements will be one of my classic destination wedding scenarios. Because her scenario may be similar to yours. Additionally, extra consideration will be necessary. So as we start our planning process, I thought I’d share with you my latest information on Destination Wedding Planning Abroad.


Initial Destination Wedding Planning

Guests will be mainly coming from Sydney, Australia and Vancouver, Canada. Therefore, a Bali or Los Cabos, Mexico destination will most likely be considered. Have you given thought to where all of your guests may be flying from? It’s no problem if it feels complicated. This is where we excel. Start by gathering a list of your favourite family and friends. Additionally the guests you can’t live without. Write singles, couples and, most importantly, where they will be flying from.

Destination Wedding Flight Information

Flights from the UK to Cancun, Mexico, usually are about ten to eleven hours. Additionally, that is the main consideration for older guests. As well as, guests who may be bringing younger children and infants. Heathrow to Cypress is going to run you about four and a half hours. Usually with one stopover. Both destinations are top-rated for destination weddings. And sometimes what separates one from the other is merely overall convenience and budget. There are a plethora of destinations and resorts worldwide. Therefore, we are here to help fine-tune the world for you. To capture all your unique and special wedding wants and needs.

How many destination Wedding guests are attending

This can be a bit tricky initially for couples. They want to invite as many guests as possible. However,  yet aren’t sure of which guests will attend. Additionally, how many children, elderly or budget-conscious guests will be attending. This is where a bit of guesswork will need to be done by the couple. And the golden rule is always “who are the must have’s,” at your wedding. Sometimes this means altering your dates due to a teacher or parent with older children in school. Or even changing your chosen location due to guests’ budget concerns. Most importantly, having a must-attend list is the first call to action. It will alleviate so much time and stress in the long run.


Budget, what will a Destination Wedding cost?

There are significant considerations for your wedding budget. For instance,  how much will it cost guests to attend? Many of our couples feel that money is no foreseen object when it comes to their accommodations.  However, couples are keenly aware that the budget may come into play for their guests. I often recommend a resort that can accommodate the budget of most guests.  Those that want to attend but don’t want to break the bank. And you are able to offer some wicked upgrades for those who can indulge. Preferred club sections, premium sections, swim-up suites, outdoor room jacuzzis. These are just the start of what is available out there. Most importantly, these considerations are what you are going to want to put at the top of your wedding resort wish list.

Activities, relaxation or the best of both?

You are going to want to get a list from your agent specialist of all the resorts you have shortlisted. Similarly, what they offer activity-wise. Some primary considerations are if the resort offers a nightclub or late-night bars. Additionally, nightly entertainment and proximity to other local bars and restaurants. The resort may be close to a lively town or tourist location. Otherwise, you will want these additional activities available on your property. For some, the daily resort activities such as snorkelling, diving, swimming, pool bars are crucial. For others, the night time party scene is what excites them most about a holiday destination. We can help with finding that perfect property. And one that meets all the needs you and your group have ultimate holiday fun.


Overall Destination wedding costs?

When it comes to all-inclusive resorts located mainly in Mexico and the Caribbean in general. The cost savings can be significant.  Inclusions such as free room, complimentary packages at select resorts are amazing. Additionally,  unlimited alcohol included in reception costs. This can depend on  size of your group and the resort wedding package you choose, and the travel supplier you go with can all make a big difference in your overall wedding costs. It’s challenging to sift through these numerous options all on your own. We highly recommend working with a very experienced travel agent wedding specialist who can fast track through these options to fine-tune to your wants and needs.

Planning Must Do’s

We hope you have enjoyed our blog on Destination Wedding Planning Abroad. Have a ton of fun. This is your moment that you have been waiting for, perhaps for a lifetime — the opportunity to start your life together with your chosen mate. Though the planning may seem daunting, a destination wedding is relatively simple when you put your hands in an experienced, knowledgable wedding planner. Our goal is to create wedding memories that will last a lifetime for you and your group. Let us do all the hard stuff, and you can relax and look forward to your dream holiday wedding in your chosen location.