Engagement Rings: To Choose or Surprise!

Options for Buying an Engagement Ring

Let’s explore some of the pros and cons of Engagement Rings: To Choose or Surprise! Some people hate surprises; other people love them! Still, others say that they love them.  However, your future spouse may inevitably be disappointed when their imagined treat does not quite offer what they were hoping for!

So, when planning the perfect proposal, it can feel like being in a no-win minefield. While you try to decide: should you surprise them with a proposal out of the blue. Which includes an engagement ring uniquely chosen by you.  Or should you make it more of a team effort? In short,  should you be less surprising and more consideration of the needs or wants of your prospective spouse? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons.

Surprising Them: Engagement Ring Wow Factor

This is the dream that little girls wait for all their lives. From the very moment, they become aware of an impending romance! Their perfect man and them, enjoying a lovely event or occasion. Whether it is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Or even a romantic Sunday picnic. Suddenly, he gets down on one knee, says something admiring and loving. And then asks her to marry him! All she needs to do is say yes! And the sparkly diamond ring is hers!


Pros: When you Choose the Surprise Engagement Factor.

If your partner is a forever romantic, then you might be doing the right thing.  Planning the big surprise and springing it on them. For some, it can be a sign that their partner really gets them. Understands their needs implicitly. And is prepared to lead the way in life as in proposing. If your partner is one of these types, they will say ‘yes’ in a heartbeat!

Cons: To the Ultimate Surprise Endeavour

Sometimes people can be terribly self-conscious.  And while they love the idea of being surprised with a proposal. Which may include a romantic by very public location.  The actuality of it is maybe embarrassing to them. And they may feel awkward and put on the spot!

At other times, they may have definite ideas about the engagement ring that they would like. And if you have surmised wrongly, you could disappoint them. That is the intimate risk in the big engagement ring surprise endeavour.

Not Surprising Them: To Choose Together

This is a much more modern and pragmatic way to plan your life together. And with growing gender equality, not to mention same-sex marriages, a planned proposal is much more the done thing today. This is because an engagement ring, not to mention the wedding expenses, is more likely to be shared by the couple. Rather than, as in more old-fashioned times, the groom and the bride’s parents paid for it, respectively.


Cons: When Choosing an Engagement Ring Together.

There may not be as much romance in the idea of saying, ‘Let’s plan our engagement by drawing up a budget and plan of action. And it may produce a feeling of anti-climax. Or as though the romance is more of a business deal than an affair of the heart!

Pros: When Choosing your rings as a Couple

While the idea to get married might be handled prosaically, going together to buy diamonds can be very exciting. Additionally, putting together a guest list and arranging a family event can be very romantic. Moreover, creating an official proposal with family and friends can be extraordinary. It’s a matter of understanding your spouse and a great first lesson in your future lives together.


Engagement Rings: To Choose or Surprise! The course of action you choose will, of course, be finally decided by your understanding of your partner’s tastes and preferences. While society and – perhaps – your family may expect you to work one way. However, going along with your partner’s preferences instead is an excellent way to prove your love for them! Now, what will you do with your Engagement Rings: To Choose or Surprise!

Beach Wedding Rings are a Beautiful Thing!

Once you are engaged, you may be considering a destination wedding. Now, this is something your beloved might really appreciate. A concerted effort on your part to surprise them with a special destination. Or research where you can then narrow down your perfect destination wedding location together.

Suppose you did surprise your beloved with an engagement ring that wasn’t a total hit. Now is your time to redeem yourself! We have some amazing destination weddings resorts to share with you. Some up and coming trends are Playa Mujeres and Costa Mujeres Mexico. There are some gorgeous brand new resorts here. Most importantly, with some of the nicest beachfront in Mexico. And the Caribbean as a whole.


We’d love to assist with your wonderful destination wedding plans. Those engagement rings will sparkle so bright in the Mexican sun. To sum up, an engagement party it’s a great way to introduce your future partner to be. At the same time, getting everyone excited and looking forward to a wonderful beach wedding celebration. Please feel to contact us today for more information about your dream destination wedding. We are here to assist!


4) Sports -Barcelo Maya Grand Resort

There are again so many different sports you can enjoy within this amazing holiday complex. Two tennis courts and 2 paddle courts are available. Perfect for the tennis players in your group. Water aerobics is ongoing in each of the resorts main swimming pools. Then get ready to play a group game of beach volleyball. On one of the whites stretches of beach in Mexico. Next, you enjoy water polo, table tennis, badminton and much more. For the golfers in your group, there are both 9 and 18 hole golf courses located nearby. In both Puerto Aventuras and Playa del Carmen.

3) Spa Heaven

The U Spa is a divine centre to enjoy the day in and out. You’ll want to check with your travel specialist in regards to what room you book as several room categories include complimentary access to the water areas within the spa. I’ve spent many an afternoon here while on holiday. And it’s a fabulous way to relax. And unwind all while enjoying that beautiful Mexican sun.

For children, they have thought of it all. The Spa includes a children’s only spa. I can’t think of anything more fun than taking your children over to the kid’s spa. Kids can enjoy a mani-pedi and all kinds of other treatments, with children’s fun in mind. It’s a pampering treat your children will never forget.

2) Restaurants and Bars -Barcelo Maya Grand Resort

It’s incredible how many food and drink options you can enjoy at Barcelo Maya Grand Resort. Firstly, you have four international buffets. They serve delicious food fare from Breakfast to dinner. Right up until 10:00 pm. You’ll enjoy eight speciality restaurants, including Mexican, Spanish and Japanese. Plus, there are four snack bars, my favourite being Capitan Morgan!. Then what’s not to love about 15 bars. All conveniently located throughout the six all-inclusive properties.  Each resort has sharing privileges with at least three other resorts within the complex. And the Riviera Maya Adults only offers dining and bar privileges at all six resorts!


1) Weddings -Barcelo Maya Grand Resort

Barcelo is well known for its amazing weddings! And Barcelo can do up to six weddings a day. And not to worry about overcrowding. There are so many unique locations to marry. You’ll never see another bride on your special day! Plus, they have a whole wedding department on the property. Complete with a very professional team of dedicated wedding experts. Another one of the Top 10 Reasons to wed at Barcelo Maya Grand Resort.


Conclusion -The future of weddings abroad

Firstly, we’ve discovered through this blog that couples still want to get married abroad. It’s so much fun for family and friends. Secondly, it gives couples, and their treasure guests extended time to get to know each other. Because often so many guests travel from different areas to your destination wedding venue.  It’s a great way to start new lifelong family relationships and friendships.

Thirdly, we know resorts worldwide are doing their part to keep our loved ones safe while travelling. And new airline safety and hygiene protocols will make travel safer than ever in the coming years. Lastly, we’ve all bee cooped up for way too long now. I see a sea full of wedding guests enjoying beach destinations again very soon.  It’s right around the corner again for Covid-19 & Wedding Travel.

Liz Moore 

Destination Wedding Expert