Five Reasons Sunset Weddings are Perfect

Below you will find Five Reasons Sunset Weddings are Perfect for your destination wedding! Let us know what you think, and if this is an option you will consider!

The Romance

When it comes to having a destination wedding, you have the opportunity to make it as romantic as possible. So, why not have your ceremony on the beach, when the sun is setting, covered with rose petals and twinkle lights? The only thing to keep in mind is to time the ceremony correctly so that you are exchanging vows at the most romantic time possible.

More Time

One of the most stressful things during your wedding day is getting ready on time. What we suggest is taking your time getting ready with your friends, have a particular moment between you and your partner, take your wedding pictures, and finally, touch up for the ceremony. You are going to have the same wedding, just switching the order! That way, your guests can also take their time getting ready and have the day free!


Wait Time is Less

If you have been a guest at a wedding, you have noticed that after the ceremony, you usually have quite a bit of time before the reception. Well, at a destination wedding, remember that you have a lot of time to wait in the heat. Why we love sunset wedding ceremonies is because everyone can relax and have fun for the day. Of course, it’s your wedding day, but your guests will probably enjoy your ceremony that much more!

Not as Hot

This title doesn’t need much of an explanation. Wherever you have a destination wedding, chances are it will be somewhere hot. Some of your guests may not be too good in the heat and sitting for a ceremony might become difficult. It’s your day, so whatever you decide, everyone will support you, however, if you aren’t great in the heat, this could work!


Being Unique

Lastly, if you want to have a unique wedding, why not try something different. Having a wedding in a tropical location is already special, by why not make it as memorable as possible for everyone.


7. Barbados

The crystal blue waters and white sand of Barbados is a picturesque island with plenty of activities for the whole family. Barbados is such a small slice of paradise that it makes it easy to travel around it and explore everything it has to offer.

8. Jamaica

Last but not least, Jamaica is one of my favourite in this list of 8 Caribbean hot spots. The people, culture, and beauty of this destination will make your wedding that much more special. The people are so friendly and welcoming that you feel right at home when you arrive in Jamaica.