Inside Look at Chable Resort

Our fantastic destination wedding manager Heidi has just arrived back from the incredible Chable Resort in Yucatan Mexico. She was so excited to tell us all about the property that we thought we would give an inside look at Chable Resort. Below is her personal opinion about what she loved at this resort. Let us know if you have any questions in the comment section!

The Grounds

Firstly, the architecture. It is nothing short of a symphony of old and new – built around an 18th-century textile factory, the contemporary glass structural additions to not detract from the ambiance of the old stone buildings. In particular, the restoration of the old Hacienda is a complete triumph, and you feel immersed in its history there. Old, ruined buildings serve a new purpose, as outdoor dining areas to the villas, for example. Nothing has been removed, and so homage is genuinely paid to the past here.


The Location

The location is also beautiful. Surrounded by nature and jungle, the property is a thoughtful inclusion. You can tell that the hotel buildings and casitas have been built AROUND nature. Trees grow through walls and ceilings. Fireflies provide a spectacular display on the lawns each evening, and colourful birds and butterflies prevail.

We stayed in the three bedroomed Presidential villa, which was nothing short of jaw-dropping. It offers complete privacy and a gorgeous, spacious setting for a family get-together.


Of course, Chable is first and foremost a wellness retreat. I enjoyed a 90-minute massage, and there was a full wellness activity programme, including yoga by the cenote, which is an exceptional experience. The food was outstanding; I am a vegetarian and found their menus to be uncompromisingly good. And the staff were super efficient and attentive also.

I would highly recommend the experience of staying at Chable. Honestly, I was blown away. I am quite sure this hotel will get 5* from anyone who visits. It is something quite unlike any other hotel I have ever stayed in during my travels. So I hope you have enjoyed my inside look at Chable Resort.