Savvy Ways That Will Set Your Wedding Apart From All The Rest

So much effort and cost go into your big day. So it’s understandable that you want something special that stands out from all the other weddings.  However, it can be tricky to ensure you set your wedding apart from all the rest. Here are some Savvy Ways That Will Set Your Wedding Apart From All The Rest! 

Pick a unique theme- Set Your Wedding Apart 

One of the most straightforward ways of ensuring your wedding stands apart from all the others is to pick a theme that is unique to you. The key thing here is to choose something that has meaning to you as a couple. For example, if you met while you were on holiday, perhaps a tropical theme would work? Alternatively, if as a couple you enjoy visiting historical sites, and love dramas set in the 19th century. In this case, something like this could work?

Try a twist on typical entertainment – A Savvy Way to be Apart from The Rest

Back in the old days wedding entertainment used to go as far as a band for dancing. And that was about it. However, in modern times wedding guests have been accustomed to all sorts of things. Everything from bouncy castles to fun photo booths.


The good news is you can still add a little extra interest and excitement by choosing entertainment. Such as Photo Booths By Lux.  This offers 360, and magic mirror options. Indeed, instead of just a typical photo booth, their 360 option swings around your guests.  And provides a unique moving photo that can be emailed directly to guests. As well as the bride and groom. Therefore creating a unique and very fun memory of your big day. 

Use colour in an inventive way – Place Yourself Apart from the Rest 

Traditional wedding colours for the bride are white and ivory.  And darker suits are typical for the groom. Yet there are no rules stating that those are the colours you have to wear. Indeed, you can shake things up and make your wedding day far more memorable.  By going for a more colourful pallet on your big day. 

In particular wedding dresses in a solid colour such as wisteria blue. It is bluish pink and will add a memorable element to your day. Without deviating too far from what is traditional. However, if you want to go all out why not try dying your dress with bright colours. Or even wearing a leather jacket over your top. Or even going for a shorter dress, with bright colours and DM boots underneath!


Choose unusual food items – Savvy Ways That Work

Last, of all, many people think that they have to spend a fortune on food to make sure that it stands out to their guests. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Indeed, sometimes a less than typical food selection can do just as good a job. And stay in the minds of those attending your wedding.


A great example of this is when the bride and groom choose a classic favourite. Something that is less frequently seen at weddings such as sausage and mash. Guests will be pleasantly surprised by such a hearty and classic meal. And it is bound to stand out in their memory of the day. I hope you enjoyed our tips for Savvy Ways That Will Set Your Wedding Apart From All The Rest.


#9 Accommodation – Destination wedding tips

Once you have picked the destination and the date, it is important that, as early on as possible, you look for accommodation in the area to suit different budgets. Everyone will be different with what they prefer, and what they can afford and by doing the research, you can make it a lot easier for people to plan and attend.

These are just some of the Top Tips for Planning Your Wedding you need to consider when planning. It truly does make for a less stressful, and more joyful experience. We have more great wedding tips to explore when it comes to Wedding Photography. And don’t forget about your grooms wedding needs with the ultimate suite guide.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our top tips when it comes to planning your wedding. Please feel free to reach out to us with your ideas. And if you are looking for the perfect beach wedding, we have you covered!