South Asian Mexico Destination Weddings – 5 Reasons to have one

South Asian Destination Weddings are all the rage in Mexico these days, and we are here to help you understand why.  5-star all-inclusive properties mainly within Cancun, Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos are creating amazing wedding packages that offer not only incredible convenience but amazing perks as well to our couples.  It gives our South-Asian couples a whole bundle fill of reasons to have resorts complete over their business with gifts, and perks and prizes.  But with all the daunting wedding information out there, just where to begin. Here’s where My Wedding Away comes in.

1) Wedding packages that understand the festivities and special events necessary for a well-loved, memorable South-Asian Wedding.

This is where our extensive destination wedding experience comes in handy. First of all, a Mexican Destination wedding allows for the Mehndi and Sangeet events to be held on the same day at the same time. It’s not only done for convenience but more importantly, due to the limited time, guests will all be together on the property. Having both events at the same time offers both women and men the opportunity to join in this authentic, cultural, fun celebration without breaking the bank. Best yet, most properties offer in-room private nanny service, which helps families bringing children also enjoy the festivities while children are safe, cared for and having their own vacation fun.


2) Where to set up your ceremony and reception once on property.

There are some things to keep in mind when setting up your  Hindu or Sikh Ceremony. With more traditional weddings, the groom will want to dance with their entourage up to the ceremony site. This is easier done with some properties, so we’ll to help you explore those options. We take the stress out of finding the best set up for you.

We also know brides may want to be carried to the ceremony site, so we’ll assist with which resorts can accommodate this request.  Some properties are very well set up for detailed, even opulent private events and others not so much. The logistics of the resort can play a significant factor in which one you choose. Then comes the ceremony time. You’ll want to consider where the sun is set with your chosen venue to avoid full sun and heat during the ceremony especially when you choose to have it in mid-morning. Refreshments and umbrellas go along way when it comes to Mexican mid-morning events, we have learned.


3) Now for the fun stuff, all the beautiful decor and garb that makes Indian weddings so ultra beautiful and memorable.

The devil is in the details, and this is where we truly shine for you. South Asian weddings are becoming the hottest commodity with our exceptional resort partners.  They are so skilled and accommodating with putting all the wow factors needed to create spectacular events for your wedding celebration.

However, before falling in love with your chosen resort, you’ll want to consider what decor must-haves you want before making that final resort decision. This is because some resorts have got it all figured out with things such as beautifully adorned Mandap options and experienced henna artists. They are ready to assist you on speed dial.  Other properties may offer the most beautiful beach ever for your ceremony, however, lack in the other decor details you really must-have for your special day. It’s essential to review your top resorts wedding package details to ensure they have what you must-have for your wedding day.


4) Now for the not so fun part- The destination wedding costs for 100+ guests.

This is where I always say to sharpen your pencils and get out your address book. It’s not always possible we understand but necessary to try and get a general estimate on the size of your wedding group attending. This is important to know for so many reasons, but most importantly, it helps with weighing out your venue options. Some properties don’t offer the largest reception spaces if you want to be outdoors, next to a pool or directly on the beach but want it oh so private. This is where we excel in providing all the essential resort detail information while combining them with all the extra pluses and perks at your chosen property. Yes, you can have it all!

5) Most importantly, you’ll both want to choose a resort that, in your gut, feels just right.

This is where you’ll want to sit back and relax over a chilled margarita (to get in the mood of course) and decide on a few resort deal-breakers before you make any final decisions. Most importantly, on the list is how much does the beachfront fit into your ceremony and reception plans. Have you thought about an indoor or outdoor reception, and what that looks like to you both?

Other considerations are hair and makeup. Are you having your stylist and makeup artist come down with your group? Are going to be relying on the expertise of the hair and makeup artists on the property? The same questions apply to photography and videographer. Many features are set up with fantastic wedding photography and videography services, others not so much. Don’t forget we have highly experienced and sought after photographers located locally in the most popular areas of Mexic.  They are ready to help create your beautiful wedding story.