Why a Destination Wedding?

There are many reasons why we like to promote destination weddings. If you seem to be on the fence about them, maybe this will help give some backstory on why they are so fantastic. Let us know what you think in the comments below, or, contact us for any additional information you may want to know! Now, let’s get to why a destination wedding?


So, this is probably the biggest reason to have a destination wedding. The cost of a wedding at home can cost you a fortune. You will find out very quickly when you go to book the venue, pick out all the décor, catering, and much more. Why worry about all of that when you can have it a fantastic location in a resort where the staff will handle everything for you. Plus, you will have affordable wedding packages to pick from that include everything!



With a destination wedding, you will be married somewhere stunning. Whether it’s on a beach, near a waterfall, in a luscious garden, or a gazebo overlooking the ocean, you will have the most incredible wedding pictures. You will have a wedding, vacation, and honeymoon all rolled into one.


Weddings can be considered such a stressful time, especially for the bride. If you decide to have a destination wedding, you will have so much fun with your friends and family! They are less stressful, and you will find plenty of fun activities to do with your friends and family. If you are looking for excursions, water sports, golf, or great parties, we can help you find a resort that accommodates all of that.



So, while you are having fun, you will also have plenty of opportunities to relax. If you want to tan on the beach, get a massage, or take a dip in an infinity pool, we can make that happen. You also have the opportunity to not put so much pressure on yourself. You can have a casual wedding dress, your guests can wear shorts, and you could get the relaxed wedding you’ve always wanted to have for yourself and your partner!


Finally, if you’ve always had a bit of a travel bug or wanted to travel, why not take the chance and do it for your wedding! You get to explore a new culture, say I “do” in paradise, and have an everlasting memory in another country. Also, you might close to another location you might want to travel to for your honeymoon! You and your loved ones get to share a real adventure with each other!


5. Talk to Us

The whole reason you hired a destination wedding planner is to provide excellent service and give you insight on deals. We have relationships with resort chains all over the world. When it comes to finding specials and places where you can save money, we can help. You want to use a company that works hard to find you discounts, especially if you have a big wedding group. Saving money on your wedding can be possible, you have to know the right people that can help you do it.