Why Should I Have a Beach Wedding?

We have a feature today with the wonderful Alec & T Photography, titled, why should I have a beach wedding? The six reasons that we are presenting today are why the beach is such an essential part of a destination wedding.

Ocean Breeze

If you love the ocean, obviously the beach is the place to be. But what people forget is that the ocean is the perfect place for a trash your dress shoot.



Who doesn’t love watching the sun go down with the beautiful orange and pink colours filling the sky? Can you imagine sitting on the beach with your partner every night that you spend away for your destination wedding?


This reason may seem pretty obvious, but you are going to have some gorgeous wedding pictures at the beach. Taking all those pictures can be pretty draining, however, how much fun would it be taking them on a beach?



Now, some people think that just because you are having a destination wedding, means you have to have your ceremony on the beach. You do not, but the best part is that it’s always an option!


The beach is one of the most romantic settings you could ask to have, especially for your wedding. Spend your days and even nights walking on the beach, hand in hand, and falling in love all over again.



Finally, destination weddings are becoming more popular but not to the point that everyone has them. So when you compare your wedding abroad with others, you know it’s going to be pretty unique.