COVID-19 & Wedding Travel

It’s always such an exciting season for our newly engaged wedding couples. did a study. And can you guess which time it is? Of course, December is going to come in at number one. And now December is upon us. So I’ve searched the globe for information about COVID19 & Wedding Travel. Read on for the most up today COVID-19 wedding information from leading bridal and health organization.


Present Wedding Challenges with COVID-19

Scenario: I’m sure you are feeling overwhelmed with 2021 wedding decision making. Planning a regular wedding these days is no simple feat. And now to navigate a wedding during COVID-19. It’s time for some great information about COVID-19 & Wedding Travel.

Solution: First things first. I’ve found some great information on Coronavirus updates. And how to stay healthy and as stress-free as possible during the holidays. Let’s face it engagements and wedding planning can be stressful at the best of times!

Here is the latest information on COVID-19 and UK Travel updates. It’s not so pretty right now. Here is the present information about COVID-19. And based on this information, statistically speaking, very few couples are planning through Covid-19 & Wedding Travel. At least for the next 4-5 months or so. Even smaller gatherings are prohibited in so many regions. My advice: let’s all stay safe and healthy. But plan away, there is so much you can do right now to find the best deals and best resorts. In other words, dream future wedding here you come!


Covid19 & Wedding Travel Cancellations

Scenario: What are my rights and options if I booked in in 2020 and had to cancel.

Solution: I know it’s been an exhausting time for wedding couples in 2020. For many couples, venues had to be cancelled along with a plethora of other wedding vendors. It was a bit easier; I believe depending on your wedding location, of course. We work extensively with Mexico and Caribbean Weddings. Additionally, with the all-inclusive resort concept. With every aspect of your wedding taken care of by the resort. Cancelling or postponing your wedding can be handled in short order.

For weddings booked in and around the UK, the BBC has some great information navigating through all the red tape. Such as what are the present Uk wedding rules. What to do if you are getting married soon and need to cancel or postpone your wedding.  Check with your wedding planner for the latest updates because the wedding rules change as fast as the COVID-19 numbers! And don’t forget to check out this Elle Magazine article.  Some good advice on cancelled weddings due to Coronavirus is worth checking out.  Especially the information on travel insurance. To note there are more insurance options now for COVID-19 related travel. Much better in fact then there were several months back.

Advise and updates for Covid-19 & Weddings

Scenario: We had our wedding booked and cancelled for 2020. Now, what do we do!

Solution: I have some good news for you! Here is some great information from the World Health Organization. Just keep in mind to continually check for updates. Similarly, you’ll want to check information updates for Coronavirus in your particular wedding location. My personal advice is the landscape of group weddings is very uncertain these days. So tread slowing and carefully, to avoid allot of additional wedding related stress.

Additionally, where you booked your wedding in 2020 may change.  You’ll want to consider booking a wedding later in 2021 as well.  I never want to rain on anyone wedding day plans. However, I feel that booking later than sooner will provide the most care-free wedding planning experience. The Knot offers an official guidebook. It has some great features, such as the COVID-19 app! Which can really help with your wedding abroad planning especially.

Most importantly do what you feel is best for you and your fiance. I found an interesting article in Travel and Leisure Magazine. Many wedding couples chose to elope rather than having a local or Destination wedding abroad. I get that completely. For some couples the need to marry outweighed this COVID-19 relentless wait! My nephew was one of those weddings this year. And we are just thrilled he is married to the wonderful women he brought into our family.


What do I do now: Covid19 & Wedding Travel

Scenario: Wedding cancelled and now full steam ahead for 2021. Where do I start?

Solution: I was recently reading an article in the New York Times about future destination weddings. I had to agree with them that starting with your venue, is most important. It’s going to be a very personal choice for you both. However, you’ll want to also take into account your original location. And is it still a workable location. Over the next couple of months, some research may be in order.

For instance, Wedding Wire offers some good tips for avoiding certain wedding dates in 2021, 2022 and 2023. A great tip for couples booking Destination wedding travel abroad. I recommend booking your wedding mid-week if at all possible. This is because resorts are usually busier on the weekends. Guests arriving and departing. Thus a mid-week wedding is usually quieter. Additionally, people normally enjoy booking weekend travel. They can take the work week off and sometimes even have a little downtime upon their return.


Beautiful picture by Amy Anaiz Photography.

When can we fly again!

Scenario: Couples are looking ahead at brighter destination wedding skies in 2021.

Solution: There is some good news on that blue horizon. The BBC says that hopes are high for the coronavirus vaccine. In other words, the vaccine will be a game-changer when it comes to future travel. Also, more frequent testing and airport testing will be more readily available in 2021. We are getting more and more brides booking in for weddings abroad in summer and winter of 2021. And destination weddings 2022 are up for discussion as well.

And good news for couples looking to marry in certain areas. For the Maldives, Certain areas in Greece, and Cuba no 14-day quarantines apply. Either departing the UK or returning. Of course, always check with country-by-country travel advice before departing as rules change pending COVID-19 breakouts.

The real facts about wedding planning and Covid19

Scenario: There are so many different stories out there about wedding travel. It’s hard to navigate through all the ever-changing information and restrictions.

Solution: I know from personal experience owning two destination wedding travel agencies, here in the UK and Vancouver, Canada. Couples are anxious to get on with their wonderful destination wedding plans. Wedding abroad has become so much more popular over the years. And COVID-19 has definitely stamped out a wonderful year of destination weddings. However, 2021 and 2022 holds great promise for wedding travel abroad. I loved reading this article from The knot. Which shares real-life wedding couples experiences. Our couples are also very excited and optimistic to begin planning their dream weddings in 2021 and 2022. And we are super excited to be helping them plan ahead!


Covid-19 & Wedding Travel in 2021 and 2021

Scenario: We’ve decided to have our wedding abroad, now what do we do!

Solution: There are wonderful options for booking future weddings these days., have some promising highlights to share. One future consideration that was not a big consideration prior is the number of guests attending. This may change a bit at least in the short-haul. Grandparents may not be as keen to fly as they once were. This is something you may want to consider for those loved ones who must be at your wedding. Wedding bells offers up some of the newest Sandals Resorts protocols for weddings and COVID-19. Honestly, though, resorts worldwide have stepped up to the highest protocols for Covid19 safety and security of their guests.


So let’s begin the destination wedding planning.

Scenario: I want to go ahead with booking my destination wedding. What’s my first step?

Solution: Over the past 14 yrs, I’ve come to know my destination wedding couples well. They know what they want, and they want to marry abroad! They may not know exactly where they want to marry. However, they cannot wait for toes in the sand beach wedding ceremony. Or of course, a beautiful terrace deck ceremony, overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

Normally our couples book 8 months to two years out of their planning wedding date. That works perfectly for when the experts predict travel will get back to normal. Here are some great top tips we previously blogged about. And another on destination wedding planning abroad. Again this is a great time to research away. Especially since so many of our lovely couples are stuck at home these days.

Covid-19 & Wedding Travel: Where to book!

Scenario: Where is it safest, the most fun and the most economical to marry.

Solution: Where to begin when there are so many options. Many couples who come to us to book a Greece or Italy wedding, end up booking a Mexico or Caribbean destination wedding. And it’s not because Greece or Italy are not beautiful locations to marry. It’s because all-inclusive Mexico and all-inclusive Caribbean resorts are amazing. And are also incredibly economical. 5-star dining, top-shelf alcohol, daily activities and nightly entertainment. All rolled into one special all-inclusive price. It doesn’t get any easier or better than this for a wonderful holiday stay. You save big, and your guests save big as well.


Top resorts offering top-notch safety protocols

Palace Resorts has you covered. Moon Palace Cancun itself is one of our biggest sellers when it comes to larger groups. It’s also divine for South Asian Weddings. The food and service and resort activities are amazing. However, our couples love it even more for the phenomenal bride and groom offers. Additionally, Hard Rock Hotels offer their own Safe and Sound protocols. They take your health and welfare to a whole new level of care here.

Both chains offer very similar affordable wedding packages. They go to the moon and back in terms of savings. Free reception dinners, including top-shelf alcohol. Are just a few of the outstanding offers at both resort chains. Nothing says wedding fun more than an all-inclusive Mexico destination wedding! With huge wedding cost savings!

When it comes to service standards, Amresorts never ceases to wow me. I have stayed at almost all of their properties over the years. And I have never had anything other than stellar service. Now resorts, Dreams Resorts and Secrets Resorts comprise the resorts line up. They too have added safety protocol services with COVID-19 & Wedding Travel. They are keeping us all up to date with their Covid19 Resort status. It’s a great way to check up where each resort is as far as COVID-19 protocols and safety measures. Ask us about these properties we love them all!

And I love their every 6th room free offer too. It’s part of their 3G program. And one you will definitely want to check out. Especially if you are bringing a larger group to your wedding abroad. My favourite Amresorts resort is none other than Dreams Riviera Cancun. Over the top gorgeous wedding gazebo, white sand beach and amazing wedding packages. They truly have the dream wedding team at this beloved property.

Of course, there are many other chains of all-inclusive resorts that we love to recommend to our clients. Additionally, all have also done an equally fantastic job with Covid19 safety protocols. Iberostar and their time to care COVID-19 information is wonderful. Another gorgeous resort chain, Playa resorts, has rolled out their top-notch Safety First program. And who can forget my favourite family, all-inclusive resort chain Sandos Resorts. They have also been working overtime to keep you safe and sound. While enjoying the safest of COVID-19 & Wedding Travel abroad.


Conclusion -The future of weddings abroad

Firstly, we’ve discovered through this blog that couples still want to get married abroad. It’s so much fun for family and friends. Secondly, it gives couples, and their treasure guests extended time to get to know each other. Because often so many guests travel from different areas to your destination wedding venue.  It’s a great way to start new lifelong family relationships and friendships.

Thirdly, we know resorts worldwide are doing their part to keep our loved ones safe while travelling. And new airline safety and hygiene protocols will make travel safer than ever in the coming years. Lastly, we’ve all bee cooped up for way too long now. I see a sea full of wedding guests enjoying beach destinations again very soon.  It’s right around the corner again for Covid-19 & Wedding Travel.

Liz Moore 

Destination Wedding Expert