Destination Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

It’s not necessary to provide a welcome bag for your guests, but it can be a fun touch to get the ball rolling for the festivities. Best of all, these are small gifts that you can prepare before you leave and some don’t take up too much room. Comparatively, you can buy some of the items when you arrive to make space for other things. Let us know what you think in the comments below about our destination wedding welcome bag ideas and if we missed anything!

Special Letter

It’s nice to include a letter that will outline what to expect from the trip. You can add a cute picture of the two of you and thank your guests for coming along for your journey.

Itinerary for the Wedding

The second piece of paper should include some important dates and times as reminders for your guests. That way, everyone is on the same page when it comes to your special day!


Tropical Essentials

If you are ready to get your guests in vacation mode, include little bottles of sunscreen, water, aloe vera, and maybe even a shot.

Map of the Resort

This item is an essential element that you can grab when you arrive, especially if you are at a larger resort. Your guests will appreciate knowing where everything is and you can even circle the important areas.


Customized Gifts

Also, you might want to include something that represents the country that you have traveled too. We like to recommend incorporating an item that your guests can keep to remember the beautiful place they went to for your wedding.

List of Activities or Excursions

Depending on what your wedding guests are looking to do for extra fun, it’s nice to show them what is around the resort. Whether it’s something adventurous, viewing the sights, or even just something beautiful, let them know!



Finally, destination weddings are becoming more popular but not to the point that everyone has them. So when you compare your wedding abroad with others, you know it’s going to be pretty unique.