How To Throw a Wedding Like its 1900

Weddings have been conducted for thousands of years. It’s one of the oldest human institutions there is. It’s been around for at least as long as civilisation. And probably longer! Most couples have a modern wedding.  But sometimes you want to party like it’s 1900. Going way back in time to an era when things were simpler. Here’s our take on How To Throw a Wedding Like its 1900.

In this post, we take a look at some of the ways you can go back a century or more. And experience the perfect rustic wedding. It’s not just about geography or where you host it. it’s about the small details that make the day something to remember.

Give All Your Wedding Guests Jam Jars- A lovely Wedding Throw Back

Jars of jam were a real luxury at the turn of the 20th century. To make them, you had to collect expensive fruit, prepare them yourself usually. And then pack the mix in a jar with pectin a few days in advance to allow it to set. Most jams were actually very runny. And made of fruits that we don’t eat all that much anymore, such as blackberry and quince.

Giving your guests traditionally-made. And the packed jam is a great idea for creating a time travel experience at your wedding. Include them at their place settings for added appeal. They really do make a lovely throwback to 1900 wedding inspiration.


Make Use Of Sunflowers- Wedding inspiration from 1900 to 2022 

Sunflowers have become a kind of unconscious symbol of life in the past. These beautiful plants would bloom in the summer months. And later be harvested for their abundant supply of oil. They were essential to the rural economy. 

Try pinning them to your shirt or headpiece. Or place them on guests’ tables. Include them in decorations or on the altar at the venue. 

Hire An Old-Fashioned Wagon

Many companies offer old-fashioned carts. Both serve as props and function as horse-drawn transport. Having one of these at your retro wedding can totally change the atmosphere. These sorts of symbols help to transport both you and your guests back in time. Reminding you that life was once far less complicated. 

Find a cart with old-style wheels and plenty of comfortable seating. Park it up next to a line of trees or outside the venue. It will add to that extra charm that also has a nice wedding throwback in time feel. 

Use Wildflower Runners On Your Tables- Beautiful Wedding Inspiration 

To keep your tables in keeping with your theme, place wild-flower runners along the middle of your tables This chic touch adds a sense of mystique. And can be personalised to your wedding theme. Wildflowers pair beautifully with traditional wooden. Or wrought iron on outdoor tables. And also help to bring people closer to nature if you are eating under canvas. 


Use A Rough-Sawn Wood Round For Cake Presentation

You don’t have to bother with a fancy cake stand if you want a wedding like its 1900. just a rough-sawn wood round will do (complete with bark). Place the cake on top and then dress it with various herbs and natural flowers. It does make for a beautiful presentation.

If you invite animals (such as horses) to be at your wedding, just make sure that you keep them well away from the food. For more inspiration for everything from wedding decor ideas to custom Groom Attire. And here are some great ways to hold your wedding memories forever. We hope you enjoyed our ideas on How To Throw a Wedding Like it’s 1900. We work with destination wedding resorts worldwide. And they have every decor option under the sun to meet your modern or nostalgic wedding theme!


#6 Get everything in writing

Not only will writing everything down help you to remember, but it is also crucial when obtaining deals from vendors for your wedding. It is easy to get caught up and jump to the first good deal. But on occasion, they are not always what they seem on the surface. If you have agreed on anything, then you must get it in writing. Take your time to review the contract. And everything that is involved. Especially before putting down any deposit. Or paying in full. This will save any surprise costs or mistakes that may hinder your special day. As far as Top Tips for Planning Your Wedding, this one is truly the most important.

#7 Pick a destination (and a backup)

Another Top Tip for Planning Your Wedding is choosing a great location for your wedding, it is important to keep an open and flexible mind. While there are many beautiful locations that offer a range of packages, you might not find everything you need in your preferred location. By having a few locations in mind, you are not setting yourself up for failure. Remember that your destination needs to fit large criteria, including access for you and guests, house the number of guests you wish to invite, local accommodation, licensed bar and music, and much more.

#8 Consider the timings – Wedding planning 101

You may have seen a summer wedding on the beach, or a winter wedding in the snow, on Instagram, but you must be realistic when considering the timing of your wedding. If you are considering getting married in the middle of a season such as a summer or a winter, make sure you have appropriate resources in place, for example, firepits and blankets, or sufficient aircon, and a plan B in case something does not go to plan.


#9 Accommodation – Destination wedding tips

Once you have picked the destination and the date, it is important that, as early on as possible, you look for accommodation in the area to suit different budgets. Everyone will be different with what they prefer, and what they can afford and by doing the research, you can make it a lot easier for people to plan and attend.

These are just some of the Top Tips for Planning Your Wedding you need to consider when planning. It truly does make for a less stressful, and more joyful experience. We have more great wedding tips to explore when it comes to Wedding Photography. And don’t forget about your grooms wedding needs with the ultimate suite guide.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our top tips when it comes to planning your wedding. Please feel free to reach out to us with your ideas. And if you are looking for the perfect beach wedding, we have you covered!