Wedding Brides and COVID-19

We want to help Destination Wedding Brides and Covid19. Firstly, we are smack in the middle of the most uncharted territory these days.  For instance, when and what to do about your wedding plans. Similarly, when it comes to  COVID-19 Corona Virus and wedding travel. We don’t know when the end is in sight. However,  we can certainly help you navigate the rough waters now. We want to get you on those fantastic beachfront, spas and incredible locations. And of course your wedding guests.  Our travel suppliers, resorts and airlines are all working extraordinarily hard daily to continue to update us. We, in turn, are here to take care of everything related to our Wedding Brides and COVID-19!

Wedding Brides and Your Dedicated Travel Agent

What we as travel agents know at this time is there have been unprecedented calls to action by airlines, resorts. And other additional travel suppliers. They have changed the rules in regards to postponements, cancellations. Firstly, working every which way they can to help alleviate stress from holiday wedding travellers. Additionally, dedicated travel agencies. Policies that were in place last week have already changed this week. Because the travel industry is sifting through unchartered waters. Secondly, the travel landscape is changing minute by minute. Our best advice is to be patient but of course persistent. Lastly, new Covid19 information is coming in from resorts daily. We are happy to share this ongoing information with you at your request. Here are some additional wedding tips we’d love to share with you. My Wedding Away Destination Wedding Tips,


Brides And Resaving the date

Trust me, the last thing a travel agent wants is to have to rebook your destination wedding.  Additionally, all of your guests. However, our best advice is to discuss alternative wedding dates with your travel agent. If you can travel with your group next spring. It could be a great option. Therefore, I would highly recommend trying to rebook that trip now.  Pending weather and wedding options in your destination wedding region of choice. As a result a wedding next fall or winter. May maybe a preferable option. Additionally, keep in mind other couples have booked weddings next spring and summer already. Therefore you’ll want to ask fast to get optimum wedding dates and times.

Covid19 and our Brides Dream Wedding

One can only hope that the COVID-19 Corona Virus has gone by years end. And we can all go back to planning dream destination weddings. Most importantly, when changing the date. We suggest discussing with close family and friends first. Similarly, based upon confirmed numbers, send out a notice to your guests. And inform them of the changes. Your travel agent can assist with great options. And get you booked and set again for your wonderful holiday away. Again we are here for all of our Wedding Brides and COVID-19 related issues. If this is the first time you are considering at destination wedding here is some great information. Destination Wedding Information.


Wedding Brides Alas you are booked

Most importantly, once the new dates have all been hashed out. Its time to get that new date booked. Of course, your travel agent will check those dates for wedding availability. And then my best advice is to make this a priority. Just because of all the regular bookings already made by couples for popular destinations. Similarly, it may take a bit longer for your agent to get you all the flight information. And resort information, due to many staff furloughed due to Covid19. Generally speaking, October and November 2021 will be good pricing times for areas such as Mexico and the Caribbean. If you are marrying within Europe, then of course weather, options for flights do become more of an issue that way.


Destination Brides, We have your back

Firstly, there is no doubt our beautiful wedding couples have faced disappointment in these uncertain times. It’s one of the most important days of your life. And the excitement and the wait is difficult to endure. Secondly, don’t be afraid to rely on your travel agent at this time. They can help you navigate through all of your options. We have a lot of experience in these areas. We are knowledgable and care deeply about your destination wedding group. Above all, we sympathize, we understand, and we are here for you every step of the way. For handy UK Covid up to date information please visit: Covid19 UK Guildlines. Additionally, you can check out more travel information at: UK Travel Advisory.

We’ll get you there!

We’ve learned so much about Wedding Brides and Covid19 this year. And no matter how difficult these times. We know that things will turn around sooner than later. Your family and friends understand. Similarly, they too feel for you and want to help. It’s only a matter of time before this COVID-19 virus is tackled to the ground. Most importantly airlines are taking extraordinary steps to sanitize planes. And resorts are stepping up with fantastic protocols in health and safety. It’s hard to think about silver linings in times like these. However, if there is one, it’s that we will travel the cleanest ever once this is over. The beaches will be there, the lush, tropical palm trees, rolling hills and vineyards, iconic castles and all the dreams a bride to be imagines.

Liz Moore
Destination Wedding Expert.


5. Everything Under the Snow Lit Stars

They have thought of everything when it comes to your destination wedding plans. Flowers created to fit every colour pallet are yours for the choosing.  Other services you won’t want to miss out on including a custom wedding video, delectable wedding cake, Disco or live music, hair and makeup and much more.

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Liz Moore
Destination Wedding Expert